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The taxidermists at Gunners are constantly trying new techniques and products and thus create a few tricks of their own. We have designed several products mainly in the bird and turkey taxidermy industry that will help taxidermists create a more lifelike mount that will satisfy their customers. These products in conjunction with Gunners Freeze Dry Service will help you produce a mount that is unsurpassed.

Gunners Choice cleaning solution

Gunners Choice is a user friendly solution that dissolves dried blood clots from feathers or fur. Originally developed for the equine industry for prepping horses, Gunners Choice works equally well on those stubborn areas where dried blood clots lodge in feathers or hair and is difficult to remove without harming the specimen. Simply spray liberally directly onto the clot during the washing stage of cleaning your skin and let soak. Rinse with cold water and repeat until the clot is removed. Will not harm or discolor any feather or hair and is totally non toxic. When quality is what your looking for in your taxidermy, then give Gunners Choice a try!!!
Quarts $15.00  Gallons $40.00

Finally, a Correct Turkey Manikin!

We have been studying the Wild Turkey for several years now and have measured hundreds of carcasses to produce the anatomically correct manikin that we now have. This manikin is available in narrow breast styles as well as expanded breast manikins. We are adding different sizes each month and we will post these sizes as we have them available. In addition we will be adding a drumstick and breast inserts soon that will complete a total system that will enable the inexperienced as well as the experienced taxidermist produce a superb finished product. Try one and see for yourself what these manikins can do to improve your turkey taxidermy.

Turkey Manikin Prices

TB1517 (fits 15-17 lb bird with narrow breast)$18.50 coming soon
TB1517XB (fits 15-17 lb bird with expanded breast)$19.50
TB1820 (fits 18-20 lb bird with narrow breast)$20.00 coming soon
TB1820XB (fits 18-20 lb bird with expanded breast)$20.50
TB2123 (fits 21-23+ lb bird with narrow breast)$21.00
TB2123XB (fits 21-23+ lb bird with expanded breast)$21.50
OB9 (fits 9lb+- Ocellated birds with narrow breast)$18.00 coming soon
OB9XB (fits 9lb+- Ocellated birds with expanded breast)$18.50 coming soon
OB10 (fits 10lb+- Ocellated birds with narrow breast)$19.00 coming soon
OB10XB (fits 10lb+- Ocellated birds with expanded breast)$24.00
OBJAKE (fits Ocellated Jakes)$17.50 coming soon
OBHEN (fits Ocellated Hens)$17.50 coming soon
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