Gould's Turkey Hunts

Our Goulds Turkey hunts take place in the Sierra Madres of Mexico. Depending upon availability you may hunt the west side or possibly the east side of the Madres. Both are great hunting destinations with a very high percentage of success. Accommodations are very comfortable and the food is wonderful! Aside from that, the hunting is GREAT!!! These birds are the largest of the 6 sub species of wild turkey. Harvesting one of these will complete your Royal Slam. These birds respond readily to calling and may travel great distances in response. Each hunter will have his/her own personal guide. Each guide is very good at calling these birds but you may certainly do your own calling. Your bird will be skinned and packaged to bring back to the States. Importation can be difficult so it is advised that you consult an Approved Taxidermist prior to leaving on the trip. Gunners is an Approved Facility and can handle all of your import needs.
Please call for pricing and availability….
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