This Is Something To Roar About!

Welcome to the taxidermy portion of the Gunners web site! Taxidermy is truly a passion with the folks at Gunners. We specialize in all areas of taxidermy and have won ribbons at all levels of competition which exemplifies our knowledge of the subject. Gunners was founded in 1983 by Harry Whitehead Jr. which still owns and operates the company today. He is accompanied by Denton Shearin and Matthew Cooper. Together they produce a great product that the client can enjoy for many years and reminisce the times they had on that special hunting or fishing experience. Click on any one of the subjects above and see for yourself what the taxidermists at Gunners can do for you!

Fish Taxidermy

It’s not very common for a taxidermy shop to excel in all categories of taxidermy. Here at Gunners we take pride in our ability to recreate a lasting trophy with such quality in all categories of taxidermy. This is exemplified in our fish taxidermy. Gunners takes great care to properly skin our fish and then to accurately mount these subjects. Each specimen is then hand painted with airbrush and paint brush to recreate an accurate mount of each species. Gunners can recreate all freshwater species as well as saltwater varieties.

Big Game Taxidermy

You guessed it!!! All of the detail and craftsmanship that goes into our other mounts goes into our mounts of Big Game. Elk, Caribou, Mule Deer and all the others are accurately reproduced to give the client a lasting trophy for years to come! After your next Big Game hunt, give Gunners a try!

African Game Taxidermy

African Game is without a doubt the most difficult area of taxidermy to master due to the condition of the skins once they are state side and the fact that most of the specimens have very thin or no hair to hide any imperfections. Mixed with the distance you have to travel to study these animals in the wild you end up with a very tough combination. After years in the business and several trips overseas, the taxidermists at Gunners have familiarized themselves with most species from abroad and have very little trouble reproducing these specimens. Take a look and see how we handle this difficult task.

Game Head Taxidermy

All of the shoulder and big game mounts that are produced at Gunners are given the same attention to detail and quality. Having hunted most of the animals that we mount, we have an insight as to how these species actually look alive and thus giving us the edge in reproducing that “alive” look. Give us a try and see for yourself!

Small Game Taxidermy

The Small Game mounts produced by Gunners is exact in every detail. One of the critical areas of Small Game Taxidermy is the eyes. The Taxidermists at Gunners uses reference and the finest supplies to give all of their Small Game mounts a look of realism. Just as with all mounts at Gunners, the skins are tanned which greatly lengthens the life of the mount given the proper care. Bobcats and Foxes are a specialty at Gunners!!!!

Upland Game Taxidermy

Like all the birds that are mounted at Gunners, our Upland Game Birds are expertly reproduced with the same perfection as the rest. The techniques that are used on our Waterfowl and Turkeys are implemented on our Upland Game. Take a look and see for yourself!

Whitetail Deer Taxidermy

Gunners uses only the finest supplies in creating each Whitetail Deer mount. Every skin is tanned using only the most modern techniques and all skins are glued to the manikin which insures long life to the mount. All mounts are anatomically correct and include details such as nictitating membranes in the eyes and septums in the nostrils. Gunners offers traditional mounts as well as custom mounts that include pedestals and habitat style displays.

Turkey Taxidermy

Turkeys are a species that we enjoy to mount as well as hunt and this passion is something that really shows in our turkey taxidermy. We have taken several World Slams and have studied Wild Turkeys in their natural environment for many years. In addition the taxidermists at Gunners have won many awards for their turkey mounts at all levels of competition. Come and see for yourself what the taxidermists at Gunners can do for you!

Waterfowl Taxidermy

The taxidermists at Gunners are as good at mounting Waterfowl as they are at Turkeys. We have won many awards at all levels of competition in the waterfowl categories and our waterfowl mounts reflect this success. Gunners can do the conventional mounts as well as custom mounts on habitat bases. Call Gunners after your next successful waterfowl hunt!

Freeze Dried Turkey Heads

Gunners sets the pace for quality in freeze dried turkey heads . Each head is skinned and then soaked in a moth proofing solution which insures that insect problems are eliminated. To further add to the barrier from insects, the injection fluid contains an insecticide that makes each turkey head actually a repellant to insects. There are many poses available which gives the taxidermist a wide range of positions to mount their turkeys. Custom and competition quality heads are available using your heads . Gunners also has a limited quantity of heads in stock. Please see the contact info for shipping your heads to Gunners.

Commercial Heads

All closed mouth positions such as strut, stand , etc. are $65.00 per head. All open mouth positions such as gobbling or standing open mouth are $70.00 per head. Custom poses are available and priced per our shop rate of $90.00/hour.

Oscellated Turkey Heads

Due to the difficulty of this species closed mouth heads are $85.00 and open mouth heads are $90.00. There is no guarantee how the freeze drying will turn out on this species because of unforeseen factors getting the birds to the USA and the condition of them once they get here. Custom positions are available and priced per our shop rate of $90.00 per hour.

Competition Heads

All competition heads have been checked for symmetry and overall correct shape as well as good color. These heads have a minimal amount of shot holes in them and are of correct size to match the body weight of the skin you are mounting. Standard poses are $80.00 for closed mouth and $95.00 for open mouth. Custom poses start at $100.00.
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