Alaska Sea Duck Hunts

IF you wanat a real adventure this is the hunt for you!!! You will fly into Anchorage Alaska and then on to the Island of St Paul out in the middle of the Bering Sea! This destination is about as remote as you can get but the travel is worth it!! You will be hunting the beautiful King Eider as well as Harlequin Ducks and Long Tailed Ducks. Occasionally you may bump into some Black and Whitewing Scoters and rarely a Pacific Eider. This hunt targets the King Eider though. As the ice pack forms and moves south, the “Kings” migrate just ahead of the ice pack. Once more widespread, these magnificent ducks migrate to the Pribilof Islands giving the collector the best chance to harvest a trophy bird! Nonresidents are limited to 4 birds per species per year and your total limit of all species is 20. These regulations may change so please call for updated information. Hunting methods may vary with the conditions. You may hunt out of a Banks Boat, a Zodiac or off of the “Rocks”!! I have personally hunted Kings 5 times and have been successful every trip. Capt. Charles Summerville will do his level best to ensure that you harvest your “KINGS”!
Please call for pricing and availability. Trip insurance is highly recommended as the weather can make things difficult…..
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