Oscellated Turkey Hunts

If you are looking for an adventure then this is the hunt for you. The quarry is the most beautiful game bird in the World, the Ocellated Turkey. You will be hunting near a town in the state of Campeche in Mexico named Carlos Cano Cruz. First, you will fly into the city of Merida, which is west of Cancun. You will then be transferred to Cano Cruz. This area holds the highest concentration of ocellated turkeys known. The farmers of the region have cleared a portion of the jungle and have actually made the habitat for the turkeys’ prime. Ocellated turkeys have historically been shot out of trees, hunters would use their “singing” to locate them, and thus try and get close enough for a shot. Since the jungle has been cleared, the turkeys are “called” in close enough to get a shot. Ninety percent of birds are now shot on the ground coming to calls. The calls can be either the whistle that the hens make or sometimes a recording of the male bird “singing” which is used to entice the birds in close. The accommodations are nice but you have to remember that this is Mexico and Jorge Sansores will do everything he can to make you stay comfortable. The one thing that Jorge cannot fix is the heat. Early in the season, it is definitely nicer with the temperatures in the 80’s. Later in the season, it is not uncommon for the mercury to rise into the low 100’s. Even though the days are hot, the nights are cool and with a fan, you can sleep comfortably. This is one hunt that you will gain weight. Jorge has a chef that is absolutely awesome. You will eat everything from chicken wrapped in banana leaves to stone crab claws to Sea Trout fillets. Other species that can be taken on this hunt are Peccaries, Chachalacas, and Coatimundi. Jorge has all of the paperwork for the export of your trophies and Gunners Taxidermy Inc. is a licensed USDA establishment and can assist you in getting your trophies state side. The hunt cost is for 4 1/2 days of hunting 1X1 with all room and board included.

Hunt Cost: $2,950.00 and includes one Ocellated turkey. Extra turkeys are available with no trophy fees but the license fee is $700.00 and is due whether a bird is taken or not. Basically, the extra license fee is for the right to hunt. Not included in the hunt cost is transportation to Carlos Cano Cruz and gratuities.