Freeze Dried Turkey Heads

Gunners sets the pace for quality in freeze dried turkey heads . Each head is skinned and then soaked in a moth proofing solution which insures that insect problems are eliminated. To further add to the barrier from insects, the injection fluid contains an insecticide that makes each turkey head actually a repellant to insects. There are many poses available which gives the taxidermist a wide range of positions to mount their turkeys. Custom and competition quality heads are available using your heads . Gunners also has a limited quantity of heads in stock. Please see the contact info for shipping your heads to Gunners.


Commercial Heads:

All closed mouth positions such as strut, stand , etc. are $60.00 per head. All open mouth positions such as gobbling or standing open mouth are $65.00 per head. Custom poses are from $65.00 to $85.00.

Oscellated Turkey Heads:

Due to the difficulty of this species closed mouth heads are $85.00 and open mouth heads are $90.00. There is no guarantee how the freeze drying will turn out on this species because of unforeseen factors getting the birds to the USA and the condition of them once they get here. Custom positions are available and priced per our shop rate of $90.00 per hour.

Competition Heads:

All competition heads have been checked for symmetry and overall correct shape as well as good color. These heads have a minimal amount of shot holes in them and are of correct size to match the body weight of the skin you are mounting. Standard poses are $80.00 for closed mouth and $95.00 for open mouth. Custom poses start at $100.00.

Paint Schedule for Turkey Heads







Make sure that the head is free of dirt or loose skin. Use a soft bristle brush and brush the whole head to achieve this task.

Paint the dark colors first. Gill Red is the first color. Paint the wattles, carunculars and lightly mist the crown in the cracks to show depth.

Using Paynes gray, paint in between the carunculars. Spray heavy and cover up any overspray that you may have from the red.

Pythlo Blue is then sprayed on the cheek using a heavy coat. You may also lightly spray the crown to add depth.

Off White is then sprayed on the crown in a heavy coat. Also lightly spray the cheeks to the desired color blue as well as over the Paynes Gray between the carunculars until the correct depth is achieved.

You can then thin down the white and the blue to a very thin consistency and give the head a wash of the appropriate colors to get the detail in the head.