Florida Gator Hunts

If you are interested in harvesting an Alligator then this is the place for you. We have access to the Mormon Ranch in St. Cloud, Florida and they are loaded up with Gators. I have hunted the 300,000 acre ranch twice with Joey Smith of Deseret Cattle Co. and he has not disappointed. On this hunt you can spot and stalk your Gator and shoot it with a rifle. Joey usually uses a .17 cal to dispose of the Gators. You may bring your own weapon but if don’t want to travel with a firearm then you can use the one on the ranch. To me this is a much better hunt than first harpooning them or jugging them before they are bang sticked. You can actually size up your quarry before you shoot so you will know exactly what size of Gator you are shooting. On my first hunt with Joey we drove the levies and saw approximately 300 gators. I took an 8 ½ footer on my first hunt after hunting only 2 hours. On my second hunt however I harvested a 10 foot 3 inch brute. He was giving the calves on the ranch a hard time and they needed to get him out of the pond he was in. This is a great hunt with good people so if an Alligator is on your hit list give Gunners a call and we can book your next adventure.

Hunt Cost: Meat Gators which are 9 feet 11 inches and smaller - $1,500.00. Trophy Gators which are 10 feet and larger - $3,200.00. Not included in cost; all travel to St. Cloud, processing of your Gator including shipping, room and board (most hunters stay at the Budget Inn of St. Cloud, $80.00 double occupancy) and gratuities.