Exotic Hunts

Every year or so we all go down to Clarkrange Tennessee and hunt Exotics with Ken Moody and Clarkrange Hunting Lodge. Ken has a great operation down there and can locate almost any game species that you are looking for. From Wild Boar to Fallow Deer, Ken can provide Gold Medal class animals in a unique hunting environment that makes a great hunting experience. The lodge is very comfortable with a full kitchen for you to cook your own meals and most of the hunting areas are within walking distance of the lodge. The Wild Boar is hunted with dogs and is a very exciting hunt. These Boar are big and bad and will certainly provide plenty of exercise as you follow the dogs to the bayed Boar. The other exotics are hunted in separate hunting areas and provide excellent opportunities for spot and stalk or stand hunting. Species available are Sika Deer, Fallow Deer, Red Stag, Buffalo, Aoudad, Blackbuck and all of the exotic sheep and goats. This is a really great hunt and can give an international feel to a domestic hunt.

Hunt Cost: Prices vary depending upon species hunted. Packages are available. No license needed. Lodging included in all hunts.

Not included in hunt; Transportation to Clarkrange, trophy and meat processing, food and gratuities.