Alaska Sea Duck Hunts

If you want a real adventure this is the hunt for you. You will fly into Anchorage Alaska and then to the little island of St Paul out in the middle of the Bering Sea. This is about as remote as you can get but the travel is worth it!! You will be hunting for the beautiful King Eider as well as Harlequin Ducks and Old Squaws. Occasionally you may bump into some Black and Whitewing Scoters and Goldeneyes. This hunt targets the King Eider. As the ice pack forms and moves south the “Kings” migrate just ahead of the ice. If it weren’t for the ice the Kings would stay north and you simply wouldn’t have an opportunity to take one of these magnificent ducks. Once plentiful along the Aleutian Chain the Kings now don’t make it that far south so the Pribilof Islands are your best opportunity to take one of these rare but gorgeous birds. You are limited to just 4 Kings per year so this is not a volume hunt. Your total limit is 20 birds with a limit of 4 per species. There are usually 6 hunters in camp and each day 3 will hunt the rocks from shore and 3 will attempt to go out in the Banks Boat and decoy. We have had great success with both methods. I have hunted with Charlie Summerville for the last 2 years and plan to go this January again. In the last 2 years I took 3 Kings the first year (2 drakes and 1 hen) and 4 beautiful drake King Eiders this last year. You are totally at the mercy of the weather on this hunt and it can get bad. I guess that is what makes this hunt so intriguing other than the birds. You have 4 ½ days of guided duck hunting as well as all room and board included in the hunt cost.

Hunt Cost: $4,400.00

Cost does not include transportation to St Paul Island, licenses and ammunition and gratuitues