Africa Dangerous Game Hunts

To me, this is the ultimate in hunting excitement. Whether it is Elephant, Cape Buffalo, Hippo or Leopard the intensity is simply unbelievable. I have been on several dangerous game hunts and this is something that will get your heart pounding. We have concessions that hold good numbers of Buffalo as well as Leopard in several countries such as Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa and Zimbabwe. Additionally we have Elephant in Zimbabwe but can make arraignments in other countries if needed. We can provide hunts for White Rhino and Green Hunts for this species as well. Our Lion hunts are conducted in Zimbabwe and Mozambique and other countries and concessions can be organized. We have great numbers of Hippo in Mozambique and Croc too so if you are wanting to go to the next level in hunting give Gunners a call and we can set you up on a wonderful adventure.

Hunt Cost: Hunt costs vary depending on species and country hunted. Please call and Gunners can organize your safari to include the species that you seek as well as packages that would include other species as well.